Model European Union Strasbourg 2017 @ European Parliament, Strasbourg [du 18 au 25 mars]

Model European Union Strasbourg 2017

18 - 25
08:00 - 18:00

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European Parliament
67000 Strasbourg
Model European Union Strasbourg (MEUS) is a unique simulation of EU decision-making and politics that takes place annually in Strasbourg, a city that carries a lot of symbolism in relation to peace and democracy in Europe.

During the course of the simulation, participants debate two controversial, real-life legislative proposals drafted by the European Commission and simulate EU law-making by acting as Members of the European Parliament or Members of the Council of the European Union. The simulation, however, features even more roles for participants in order to enhance its realism. Specifically, participants can also act as: (1) Lobbyists, that work towards shaping the decision-making process in favour of the interests they represent; (2) Journalists, who, through press conferences and interviews, cover and analyse debates in a daily newspaper and video footage; and (3) Interpreters, offering professional interpreting services in the national languages of the EU using the special equipment provided by the European Parliament.

The two debate topics are:
1. Countering Terrorism. Security of the European Union cannot be achieved on a national level and requires cooperation between Member States.
2.Third Country Nationals' Access to the internal Market.Is the internal market an economic value in itself or should it be guided by social principles? Balancing out soft landing for the UK citizens, post Brexit, and curbing economic migration, dare to participate in the most realistic model of decision-making process in the EU!

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